Test & Measurement


  • Electrical Power Quantities Generating – Calibrators of Voltages, Currents and Power, Testing Electricity Meters
  • Power Network Parameters Analyzing – Meters Testers, Standard Meters and Connected with Them Network Parameters Meters
  • Generating and Measuring Network Quality Parameters – Calibrators, Network Quality Recorders and Analyzers.

Power Calibrators & Power Quality Calibrators

Single phase and three phase power calibrators generate voltage up to 560V and current up to 120A with programmable phase angle.

For checking three phase measuring equipment: meters, transducers and protective relays. It can be used as phantom load or meter test bench for checking electricity meters on the site.
To program harmonics, inter-harmonics, shapes and time variable signals what is useful for checking network quality analyzers.

Multifunction Calibrators

Multirange sources of AC and DC voltages and currents make possible to check adjust and test multimeters in the range of voltage up to 1100V and current up to 100A and clamps meters up to 1000A

Resistance Calibrators

Keyboard or computer programmed resistance decade makes possible to check, adjust and test analog and digital resistance meters in the range up to 10 GΩ, including insulation’s resistance meters with voltage up to 2.5kV

Electricity Meters Testers and Reference Standards

Analyzers of power network parameters and electricity meters testers that contain functions: checking correctness of network connection, network quality parameters measurement, harmonics analyzing and calculating of tested meter error (error test and counter test).

Instrument Transformers Testers

Instrument transformer testers’ functions: Calculating of tested meter error, checking correctness of network connection, network quality parameters measurement, harmonics analyzing, network quality analyzers testing
Testers make possible fast and reliable current and voltage transformers testing with ratio and burden error test

Protection Relays Testers

Automatic testers dedicated for all protection relays in electrical power systems. Useful also for testing energy meters, transducers and PQ analyzers and over current, differential and distance protection relays.

Network Quality Analyzers

Network quality analyzers measure three phase network parameters according to IEC 61000-4-30 in real time or record parameters into memory during long period. Measured or registered data can be sent to computer in order to analyze for EN 50160 compatibility.

Meter Test Stations

Stationary meter test stations: For automatic testing, calibrating and legalization of electricity meters for IEC736 and EN50470 norm agreement.


Turnkey produces a range of brake testers for MOT and other statutory brake testing in all types of road-going vehicles. Several of these instruments have achieved certification by VOSA and TÜV.

G-meter; g-meter+ : MOT testing of Heavy Goods Vehicles.
Brake Safe; micro Brake Safe : Measures Mean Fully Developed Deceleration (MFDD).
Brake Safe Classic : VOSA-certified for MOT testing, all classes excluding I and II.
Agricultural Brake Safe : Trailer and tractor brake testing.
Simret 3000; 4000; ic; F2 : Heavy brake testers for use in off-road environments.