Radio Remote Controls

HBC Radiomatic

HBC Radiomatic is a German company founded in 1947 in Crailsheim, Germany. For over 60 years HBC-radiomatic stands for ground breaking innovations in the field of radio technology.

Today, the control of cranes and machines by radio technology is a standard application in modern production and logistics systems. Radio systems save time, reduce operating risks and increase efficiency. Controlling of Industrial and Construction Cranes, Mobile Hydraulic Applications, Winches or Cranes for use in Forestry, or Special Machinery is possible by radio remote control.


Hand Held Transmitters

For single step drives, for crane control by hand movements.

Handy lightweight transmitters …..Available with Push Buttons, Rotary Switches, LED for indication of operation/ battery status, Stop Impact Switch, radiomatic iLOG for quick activation of spare transmitter, Rechargeable NiMH Battery and Protection Class IP 55

Optional Features: User Identification, Tandem Operation, catch-release, radiomatic infrakey, radiomatic AFS, 2.4 GHz Technology, DECT, Feedback, radiomatic shock-off / zero- g and compatible for Ex-zones

Joystick Transmitters

Versatile control with convenient format transmitters…… Available with Push Buttons, Rotary Switches, Joysticks, LED Indication, Rechargeable NiMH Battery, Protection Class IP 65, Manual Frequency Switch, radiomatic iLOG, Stop Impact Switch

Optional Features: User identification, radiomatic AFS/AFM, 2.4 GHz technology, DECT, Feedback, radiomatic shock-off / zero-g, Tandem Operaion, radiomatic infrakey, catch-release, Vibration Alarm, Front Panel Lightening, z-axis switches, Micro / Orthogonal Drive, Enabling Switch, radiomatic infrakey


Available with E-STOP, Protection class IP 65, Black and White Commands, Analog Commands, Flexcard Modular System for easy customization ( radiobus models), Interface, Feedback capability

Optional Features: radiomatic AFS/AFM, 2.4 GHz Technology, DECT, Tandem operation, catch-release, radiomatic infrakey, Internal Antenna, Operation with Multi-Receiver-Concepts.