Measuring Devices For Signaling And Telecommunication

  • Measuring instruments and service technology for commissioning, preventive maintenance and fault finding on
    • Clear track signaling systems (axle counter and low or tone frequency track circuits)
    • Transmission circuits with transmission of individual frequencies
  • Selective Frequency Meters for Measuring Voltage and Optionally Currents
  • Tester for Axle Counters
  • Universal Relay Testers
  • Motor Relay Testers
  • Tongue Force Measuring Devices
  • Earth-leakage measuring instruments
  • Monitor Aided / un-aided track Shunts for mimicking Track Occupancy during maintenance works
  • Special equipment and chargers for these measuring and testing instruments
  • Safety equipment for the protection of people on tracks with track circuits and
  • Electronic components for automatic train control units

Signal Concept was founded in 1993. It has become a specialized developer and manufacturer of plant components and measuring devices in railway signaling and safety systems. Burn-in during the production phase avoid early failures and guarantee a high quality. Every year new products are added to the existing range released for use by the railway companies. Some of their products are as below :-

MRD Rail Technologies Pty Ltd have excelled in the design and manufacture of innovative, electronic solutions for global rail applications since 1991 and offer an extensive range of high quality test and monitoring equipment. Some of their products are as below :-