DECCAN ELECTRICALS – Established in 1976 by Mr K Lal – Founder and Chairman of the company and re-vitalized by young blood and entrepreneurship of Mr Vikaas Jain who is the Proprietor and Owner of the Company since its re-constitution in 2008. The Company has grown leaps and bounds under the visionary leadership charting its growth from a mere trader to solutions and service provider with a reckoning in the Industry

A Saga of Vision & Enterprise : It has been a long and eventful journey of almost four decades. Starting in 1976, in a petty manner to rising up to Global Standards, is a saga of vision, enterprise, financial prudence and dedication.

Our Mission : To be a top ranking Company of International Standards committed to Positive Growth through Competence, Concern & Prudence.

Our Logo : Our logo is a unique representation of a Universal Symbols in simplicity. Colors Red and White representing – Energy and Purity. The Linear line representing Growth and the Arrow Head representing focused approach.

Our Motto : Work is Worship.

Our Vision : To be the best by delivering the Best.

Our Objective : To achieve sustainable Collective Growth through dedicated Team work and mutually beneficial Strategic Business Partnerships.

Our Commitment : Our Commitment to our Customer stands highest before anything. And it will be our endeavor to continuously upgrade and augment our product offerings to be of highest standards in terms of Safety, Quality and Reliability so as to serve our Customer in an efficient and trouble free manner. We promise to deliver technically competent solutions to our customers in cost effective manner at competitive prices. We have reached a stage, wherein we command a great respect in the Industry.

Ethics : Hardworking, Honesty, Integrity, Business Prudence, & Concern for Customer.

Business Activity: Custom Manufacturing, Trading, Import, Export, Sales and Service of Power Electrical, Automation, Instrumentation & Test and Measurement equipment.

Network Offices & Branches : All India Network – Directly and in-directly through Dealer network, Business Associates and Area Representatives.

Markets Areas Catered : DOMESTIC & OVERSEAS markets like – SAARC, ASEAN, S.AFRICA and GULF NATIONS

Registrations & Affiliations : Sales Tax, Central Excise, Service Tax, Import / Export / DGFT, SSI, FAPCCI, FICCI, FIEO

Segments : Cement, Steel, Mining, Oil & Gas, Petrochem & Refineries, Sugar, Power Plants, Utilities, Ports, Railways & Infrastructure Companies.

No. of Employees : 15-20

Annual Sales : USD $ 4.9Mn +

We Have an Edge over Others in Terms of:-

Our attitude is very positive and straight forward. We have problem resolving approach rather than fault finding. And believe in being a Value addition to our customersand principals.

Customer Centric Orientation
Customer is the sole purpose of our Business and this is deeply ingrained in our system. We always work in Customer centric manner on all fronts right from product selection, quality, reliability, pricing, on time delivery and after sales support. We constantly endeavor in maintaining fairly respectable standards on this front, which gives an edge over our competitors as we constantly strive at achieving complete Customer Satisfaction. Throughout our career, we have earned credibility from our customers by providing only the suitable and quality products without a single rejection till date on account of Quality or Non-suitability supply.

Experience & Expertise
We have an ample experience of more than twenty years as entity and combined work experience of over 40years spanning in the Industry, which enables us to understand the life cycle of business and products very well. We have an eye for the latest trends in the market and industry. In addition to the above we are strongly supported by a team of professionally qualified people in various faculties of engineering who can understand, analyze and extend technical solutions in a competent manner.

Finally, it would be right to add a statement – For our GLOBAL PARTNERS – You are in the Right Partnership and for our CUSTOMERS – You are in the Safe & Reliable hands and in all its WIN-WIN situation. So begin your journey with DECCAN……..and we are sure to Delight you!